Balinese Blessing

Balinese Blessing is a ceremony for couples who are willing to let in a spiritual aspect into their union. The ceremony consist purification of body and soul and welcoming good spirits and involve some Balinese offering which is full of symbolism. Ceremony will be led by the Hindu Priest and we will assist you in English.

Vow Renewal

Vow renewal ceremony is excellent for already married couples who wish to reaffirm their love and commitment. Not only an expression of love for each other, but also a remembrance of the times past and of a renewal of hopes for the future. Above all else, a wedding vow renewal ceremony should be an expression of the unique joy of your life together.

Simple / Full Commitment

Commitment ceremony is a non-legal ceremony performed by a wedding celebrant. This is perfect for couples who want to arrange all the legalities and paperwork in their own country so they don’t need to go through all the process for legal marriage in Bali. It is a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another, without it being recognized by the law. You will still be issued with a commitment certificate however it does not make your marriage legal.

Religious Only

Religious Only ceremony is quite similar to commitment ceremony but combining your religious beliefs such as Hindu, Protestant, Catholic or Buddhist. This ceremony is a non-legal ceremony held by an official from your chosen religion and consist of readings of chosen religious text.